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We are hiring for FullStack Developer and Mobile Developer Interns

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Why Choose QuizzaHut for Internships?

We are a rapidly growing EdTech Startup working on Latest Technologies to Solve Problems in Test Series and Learning Assesments.

Learning Environment

We are proud of the rapid learning environment that we have created by making the doubt solving easier by intensive use of AI.

Problem Solving

Interns at QuizzaHut are expert problem solvers who make the rapid developement decisions for the internal products.

Live Projects

The projects that interns work on with QuizzaHut are Live with paying users. Interns use this opportunity to take real world experience of user data handling.





Why Choose QuizzaHut for CDAC?

QuizzaHut is the MCQ Test Series Platform which prepares you for upcoming Competitive exams and Entrance tests. Currrently we have test series for CDAC entrance exam "CCAT" and CDAC course end exam "CCEE"


Preparatory Test Series for both section A+B with doubt solving support throughout in each section on Telegram.


Full Length MCQ Test Series for daily revision of all modules on Telegram.


Coding Challenges for CDAC Placement Program through whatsapp and telegram group.